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Check out our stores.

Check out our retro games.

Check out all the DVDs.

Check out the CDs.

Check out all the stuffed toys in Castleford, Lord knows who bought all them in.

Check out the tablets.

Check it out now, the funk soul brother.

Check out the ceiling art, Sistine Chapel my backside.

Check out all the cables.

Check out the import pop.

Did we mention the DVDs? So, so many DVDs.

Check out the consoles that were out before you were born.

Check out the import games.

Check out the accessories.

Check out the Air-Con; how cool is that?

Check out the staff; how cool are they?

Check out the rare games.

Check out the opening hours.

Check out and buy something; we’re not stood around here for the good of our health you know.

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